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Explore Our Über-rich Collaborative Environment

As a student, you will actively participate in a smorgasboard of educational activities including your primary research and beyond…


Every week during the academic year, the Department hosts outside speakers spanning a wide breadth of neuroscience topics. Here’s a sampling from the last year.


Works in Progress (WIP)

Every week during the academic year, you will rotate among your peers in presenting your ongoing work. Here’s a sampling from your (future?) peers.

Club Syn

Every week during the academic year, you will also rotate among your (future?) peers in presenting trending topics in neuroscience.

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Pasta Night

The Department hosts Pasta Night, an occasional social evening where everyone can listen to an outside speaker on a timely topic in neuroscience and then have an informal discussion among your peers after dinner.

Annual Retreat

Once a year, everyone gets to present their work to their peers in a retreat-like setting. The program below is from last years.

Collegiality and Camaraderie

You’ll always be welcome to interact with your peers to discuss research. There’s also considerable camaraderie in the Department. Check out some Happy Hours, hosted Friday evenings in turn by each lab during the academic year

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Not yet convinced? Hear it from the horse's, er students', mouths, why they find their study here is deeply engaging and rewarding.